Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The "Creation ' Experiment

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It's now 11.28pm in Ireland and this is the post I was planning to write at 9.30 am this morning.
It has been a busy day and a most enjoyable one too.
Anybody who reads this blog knows by now that I am a big fan of Gratitude.
I love to make gratitude lists in order to remind myself of just how privileged a life this is.
If you are reading this you too among that group of fortunate people who have access  to the internet. Anyway I digress this post is not about gratitude lists but it is a related topic, you could say it is a first cousin.  (We Irish are big into the cousins. )
So this post is about an attention exercise.
 It is my experience that when I pay attention to some aspect of my life I get more of it.
Having noticed this, I have decided to try an experiment ( I am after all a scientist at heart ).
I'm inviting you to participate in this interesting experiment with your attention and your life.
I'm really excited now and hope you are getting excited too.

Here it is.
Pick a word for example ,  KIND  Allow yourself to feel the word KIND Take your time and remember a kind action either one that you did or was done to you.  Go on  stop for a minute and close your eyes and take the time to really feel and remember KINDNESS.
If you have spent a minute or two doing this exercise your brain is now primed to notice KINDNESS ( cool isn't it ).

  I  picked  FUN  today, and it really helped when things got a bit hectic. There was a big mix up about keys that prevented me from blogging this morning and thanks to my  ' FUN ' focus I just saw the humour of the situation and enjoyed the run around instead of fretting about it.

I planning to add  FLOW, VITALITY, and  FRIENDSHIP tomorrow  (it's actually 12 .02 now so this will be for later today when I awaken.

I hope you will make a list and join me in this experiment on creation ,  let's see if we can 'create' more FUN
 more FRIENDSHIP  VITALITY and all your lists too.

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