Tuesday, 3 September 2013

' Growing ' happy experiences

I' m still thinking about  " what you pay attention to grows ".

Have you ever noticed that when you buy something new especially if it's something important to you, for example a new car ,suddenly you become aware of that car type and colour ,they seem to be multiplying.

This is a real example of  ' growing  something'.

Now imagine  paying attention to aspects of your life that you enjoy , types of people and events you enjoy.
Take the time to write a list of , meetings, and occasions that you enjoy , ponder happy memories of past events you really enjoyed . Really enjoy the memories.

This has a double effect on your brain .

Firstly the happy memories will make you feel good which will produce beneficial hormones in your brain.

Secondly you will be priming yourself for positive meetings and occasions. You will be tuned in to chance rendezvous you might not have noticed and really allow yourself to enjoy them.

 So let's have a wonderful day full of happy surprise  meetings and fun . 

Must dash off to T'ai Chi now but I have loads more to say on this fascinating happy subject . 

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