Saturday, 28 September 2013

It is still all about Love

 When  I opened my email ( thanks again to google ) to my delight
 there was one from my dear friend Pat.
 In it Pat spoke about my ' words' meditation and a how on opening
 a book her ' word ' popped up in the form of a poem. I have
 searched for that poem to no avail,  but it has been a happy search
 as the poet she mentioned ,  Norman Mac Caig is new to me .
 I have really enjoyed reading some of his poems. The one below
 reminds me of my love for Uncle Seamus , something in his
 description of Aunt Julia captures that magical love or intrigue
 certain people arouse in us.
 Many Thanks to Pat

                            Aunt Julia

                      Aunt Julia spoke Gaelic
                      very loud and very fast.
                      I could not answer her —
                      I could not understand her.

                     She wore men's boots
                     when she wore any.
                     — I can see her strong foot,
                     stained with peat,
                     paddling with the treadle of the spinningwheel
                     while her right hand drew yarn
                     marvellously out of the air.

                     Hers was the only house
                     where I've lain at night
                     in the absolute darkness
                     of a box bed, listening to
                     crickets being friendly.

                     She was buckets
                     and water flouncing into them.
                     She was winds pouring wetly
                     round house-ends.
                     She was brown eggs, black skirts
                     and a keeper of threepennybits
                     in a teapot.

                    Aunt Julia spoke Gaelic
                    very loud and very fast.
                    By the time I had learned
                    a little, she lay
                    silenced in the absolute black
                    of a sandy grave
                    at Luskentyre. But I hear her still, welcoming me
                    with a seagull's voice
                    across a hundred yards
                    of peatscrapes and lazybeds
                    and getting angry, getting angry
                    with so many questions
                                 Norman MacCaig

         I am still focusing on LOVE today along with, FRIENDSHIP
         FUN and EASE. Looking forward to the rest of my Saturday.   
         And hoping yours is FUN filled and surprising in delicious ways.            


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