Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Growing and Remembering

 I was away training for the weekend and had no time to write .
 We were studying  consciousness .
 This is the most interesting subject of all  ( in my opinion ).
 That we  are able to self -reflect, to contemplate our existence and explore our purpose.
 Discussing consciousness feels like a homecoming to me.
 The people there speak my language and cam empathise with my feeling of life as a continuum.
 We shared a strong sense of having lived many lives and of being here  'on purpose ' .
 A sense that this life is a growth opportunity, a chance to further our evolution.
 This makes  our choices  important. What we choose to think about , what we read,  how we spend our  time,  how much we help each other to grow and learn,  these are the choices that keep us on a path of  expansion and growth.
 I find it inspiring to spend time with people who believe that this life is important.
 That today is important, people who encourage me to learn something new each day.
 To become conscious of aspects of my life that are stuck and to work to open those aspects up to growth.
 So I'm home renewed and ready to work and learn and share my attempts and successes.
 There is a divine dimension of human consciousness latent in all of us. We need company and  resources  that awaken us to that dimension.
 According to Plato ' knowledge  is a recollection of things we already know '. This is exactly my feeling as I read and study consciousness.
 Ask yourself if you have felt this too .
Aren't there times when you have had the feeling that you had learnt 'this'  before but somehow had forgotten it until now.
I sometimes get this feeling when I'm working with someone , it as if we are back exploring the same topic again, we are just  taking it deeper .
Look and see if this resonates with you , are you awakening to deeper levels of remembering ?
I'd love to hear if you are.

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