Monday, 2 February 2015

Waking Up To A Deeper Love And Understanding

I agree with Lester Levenson that we are all searching for our  Summum Bonum ( the highest good ).
If you reflect on your life and on ' mistakes' you appeared to have made you like me will probably come to realise that at that time and with the experience you had then you made the 'only' choice that you could.
 Check inside, remember some event that you now feel you could have handled better and I bet you will recognise that you were actually doing your 'best' at the time. You did whatever you believed would lead to your happiness (which of course you believed consciously or subconsciously would bring your highest good).
When I came to understand myself from this perspective it really helped me to deal with guilt about past 'mistakes'. It also helped me to have more compassion for others. When you can understand  accept and love yourself for having this life of experiences, when you can acknowledge that it is Okay to make 'mistakes', life gets lighter.
You can understand how people get carried away in actions that seem unbelievable to you. It doesn't mean that you agree with some cruel or hurtful actions but you can now at least feel more understanding and compassion for people who act in ways you consider to be immature and hurtful.
I feel deeply that we all 'chose ' to come here to learn from life's experiences and maybe sometimes those experiences need to be extreme just in order to wake us up.
Maybe we would never turn in and reflect if life didn't shake us awake through disappointing us in some way.
What I love about Lesters method of enquiry is the fact that through using it,we release our limiting beliefs, our guilt and shame and grow in love and compassion for ourselves. When we come to know ourselves and accept our human nature we can love and accept others much more easily and allow them to have their own experiences and grow in their own unique way.

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