Monday, 9 February 2015

Winter Wonder In West Cork And Kerry

It started so Foggy,

And  filld me with that sense of mystery and magic,

As I drove west,

Then it began to open up !

And delight,

By the time we stopped for our tea break, 

Castletownbere seemed magical in this perfect sunlight.

Seeing the snow capped Kerry mountains in the distance,

I just knew that I would have to take the ' long' way home.

Sometimes you jusy Know !

That it will be so worth the extra time,

You just Know how your heart will Fill, 

And your energy and Love will grow, 

By trusting your instincts,

So you can see, 

These lakes and mountains in this winter glow,

So glad I took this long road home ( often fun happens on the detour ! ).

Ps I'm waiting for the Tai Chi video to upload so Ill post that in the afternoon when I get home from T'ai Chi. 

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