Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Benefits Of Releasing

One of the great benefits of Releasing it that it can be used anywhere any time to 'Let Go' of stressful thoughts and limiting beliefs and allow us to open to the flow that is already here right now.

Often we limit ourselves by holding on consciously and subconsciously to memories of ' what happened last time ' and these memories block us from being present to this NEW moment.
 When we learn to even recognise this pattern and Release our memories we open to new possibilities.
We see people and places in a new light, life becomes new and fresh each moment. Possibilities and opportunities open to us ( or maybe we just see them now because we have dropped some old beliefs).
Take a moment to Release right now. It is simple to just drop your thoughts for a moment and allow yourself to become conscious of what is right here right now. Feel the body sensations notice the thoughts passing through your head and Relax.  This is releasing you from your past and allowing you to be present to this moment. Say, Thank You to yourself for taking the time to Let Go .
Do this often and I promise the benefits will multiply.

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