Saturday, 7 February 2015

Wants versus Needs

" I have what I need as I need it "

 When I was at my last retreat in Sedona a few people told me that Lester Levenson used to live by that quote.
It remained in my mind and I have been reflecting on it quite often since I came home.

It really rings true to me, when I look back over my life I have always had what I needed. There was never a time when I didn't have enough to eat or somewhere to sleep. I always managed to do the things that I really put my mind to doing .
On reflection many of the 'WANTS' that I felt were really important turned out not to really matter.
In fact I often looked back with relief when some of those wants hadn't materialised and thanked my lucky stars for being spared.
When you reflect on your life I'm sure you will also come to realise that what you need and what you want are often quite different.
When we focus on our real needs life gets more simple , more grounded, more real.
We recognise what really matters and can relax into our day realising that our needs are met and enjoy the present moment.
  Funnily enough I have found that the more I recognise that my needs are met the more my wants seem to coincide with my needs.

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