Saturday, 14 February 2015

Resonating With LOVE

Words are really important and effect our body and our mind in either positive or negative ways.

When we hold a word in our minds we can begin to resonate with the experiences that that word awakens in us.

Take a moment to repeat the word relax in your mind , Relax , Relax , Reeeellllaaaaxxxxx, repeat it softly slowly and notice your body responds.

Now repeat the 'experiment ' saying Peace , Peace , Peace , Peace.

 Repeat it and allow yourself to 'feel' the word begin to resonate with the cells of your body, sink deeply into the feeling of PEACE.

Then ,  Calm, Calm, Calm , Calm,  Calm  .     ..........Calm  . . . . . .Calm             . . . . . .Calm

Now we come to LOVE,  Open your heart and begin feel your own LOVE

 Repeat LOVE    LOVE     LOVE        LOVE      LOVE        LOVE           LOVE       LOVE           LOVE            LOVE          LOVE         LOVE

 Feel how your body responds feel how your muscles relax.

Now move deeper into this resonance with your own LOVE 

Repeat, I LOVE YOU,   I LOVE YOU.      I LOVE YOU,      I LOVE YOU

         I LOVE YOU   toes and feet, 

         I LOVE YOU  ankles,

         I LOVE YOU  knees,

         I LOVE YOU thighs,

         I LOVE YOU  tummy,

        Now spend some time in your HEART saying

                             I LOVE YOU,

                             I LOVE YOU,

                  I LOVE YOU MY HEART

        I'm Grateful to you for all the LOVE and Insights You have brought me this lifetime.

        Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ,  I LOVE YOU

       Allow yourself to Relax more into this LOVE and Gratitude to Your HEART.
       Now allow that HEART LOVE to spread out all over your body, feel it flowing up to the top of your head filling and recharging all the cells along its way.

 Feel it flowing right out to the tips of your fingers recharging all the cells, feel how your cells are beginning to sparkle with bright shining LOVE.

Now it's flowing down to the soles of your feet.

 Your whole body is tingling and sparkling with LOVE and Light and you have become Your Very Own Valentine Resonating With LOVE

And Now Just Imagine This LOVE Spreading Out From Your Body And Shinning It's Light Into Your Whole World.

                                    Happy Valentine 



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