Monday, 23 February 2015

RememberTo Relax

It's a new week so why not make'  A New  Week's Resolution '.
Why not decide to make this a week of relaxation by remembering to take a short relaxation break every hour.

Let's start now, it doesn't need to take long but the benefits will be huge.

While reading this just allow yourself to notice how your body is feeling.

Become aware of your eyes and allow them to soften their focus while they are reading.
Notice the spaces between and around the letters and words while you are reading .
Become aware of the space around your body, the space between you and the device your reading on.
Notice how paying a little attention to space is helping your body to relax already.
Now notice that while you are still reading you can soften your face muscles, your jaw muscles,the muscles all around your eyes and around  your mouth and lips, just allow them to soften and relax.
And now notice how your hands feel, are they warm or cold, feel right down to the tips of your fingers and feel their presence, become conscious of your fingers and hands and how they feel today. 

I bet you feel more relaxed already and it didn't take long, a short time every now and then during the day means that by evening you will be still fresh and relaxed, for some evening fun .

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