Tuesday, 10 February 2015

T'ai Chi Lessons For This Week Feb.10'th

Here is the Mini Form Video we made on Sunday I still haven't figured out why Vimeo are posting it this way, it looks as if it wont work however it does play!
Well Done to all of you Casthetownbere 'taichiers' you are great to have 'stuck' with the practice and finish your first T'ai Chi Form.
  See you again on Feburary 22'nd.

  trim.92539594-D11A-4784-A07A-FFD039FDCC8B from ann on Vimeo.

Mini Form To Brush Left Knee and Push
Mini Form to brush left knee and push for the Monday Morning Class from ann on Vimeo.

Full Mini Form from ann on Vimeo.

Short Form to Shoulder Stroke

Short Form to shoulder stroke for Blackrock class from ann on Vimeo.

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