Sunday, 3 November 2013

Working at the IAC Campus in Portugal

It's Sunday evening and the course that I attended at the IAC Campus finished a while ago. 

What an interesting weekend it has been, meeting with others who are interested in this type of investigation. 

The course was a immersion type course wher we spent a lot of time in the energy environment and had the opportunity to really feel the energy of the space and the the " atmosphere " generated through the work done there. 

It is  very inspiring to be in the company of people who are devoting their time and effort to teach and dvelop awareness of this much neglected subject. 

Very few people discuss the posibility of journeying out of one's body .  I think that my mother's near death experience  was what got me interested in reading about the topic. 

Then I came across accounts of people who experienced similar ' journrys ' without having to ' die'. 

Of course I'm curious and had to check it out for myself. 

The training at the IAC is much more than a technique for having an Out Of Body Experience. The training is about becoming more aware and lucid in all aspects of one's life. 

They teach that we all actually leave our physical bodies each night and ' hover ' above them while asleep in order to allow the  energy body to become re-energiised.

Sometimes  we go on journeys beyond our local environment however we do not remember these journeys because we are not lucid enough. It is hard for most people to even remember their dreams and these experiencs are closer to our  normal conscious awareness. Therefore it takes most people quite a bit of practice and training to consciously experience an OBE. 

I'm staying at the Obras Foundation which is a five minute walk from the IAC Campus tonight and can't wait for to  tomorrow morning so I can take some photos around here . 

I will be doing some ' labs ' in the morning and spending the day digesting all I have experienced over this weekend. 

As soon as I have assimilated more, I'll share some of my experiences here. These are ' baby' steps in lucidity and OBE exercises.

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