Sunday, 10 November 2013

More about Lucid Dreams and OBE's

             Unfortunately I took very few photographs at the
                International Academy of Consciousness Campus  ( was just too busy working ).

           There are many reasons why it is so wonderful to visit such a place and meet the people who work and volunteer there. The place is a testament to passion and belief in one's dreams and visions.

We worked intensely over the weekend and I feel more focused and lucid.

Since I began working with the IAC I have been reading a lot of books about OBE's and also about lucid dreaming . Lucid dreaming can often be a ' way in ' to OBE experiences.

I'm currently reading Robert Waggoner's Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self and have found it to be an excellent support and inspiration. In it he tells his own story, along with lots of lucid dream accounts and background information.

He found great help and inspiration in Carlos Castaneda's books.  My T'ai Chi teacher Steven introduced me to Castaneda's books many years ago and they opened my mind to many new perspectives. I'm wishing now that I had used them to enter lucid dreaming in the way Waggoner did.  I must trust that, that was not the right time for me awaken to lucid dreaming . Trust that I wasn't ready back then.

 I find it interesting that I can read the same information in Waggoner's book now and it makes complete sense to me , where as when I read it many years ago it was fascinating and interesting but beyond my capability to use at that time.

Robert Waggoner tells of  Castaneda's advice  "  find  your hands in the dream '. In  order to do this Waggoner advises that you should look at your hands often during the day and ask yourself to notice whether you are awake or asleep and dreaming .

The IAC training gives similar questions which also help one to become more lucid both in daytime activities and also help one to become more lucid while asleep or in an O B E state.

Employing all these means I notice that I am having more lucid dreams.

I had a really interesting experience this morning, I'm not exactly sure if it was a dream or hypnagogic state experience but it was so interesting and fun I'm going to share it.

The ' dream ' began outside my mother's house with some people I didn't recognise .   Next, I was watching  my Mum and another woman riding bicycles on a street near where I live.  I was an observer . Then I thought to myself  my mother is dead,  I must be dreaming.  So if I'm dreaming I should be able to change the dream. I decided  to change the dream  but  didn't give any definite instructions, next I noticed I was in a large room and there were a few men walking around one began to walk towards me and I thought " That man will wake John up if he keeps coming this way "   (John was next to me in bed ) ,  I better stop him before he wakes John .  At this stage I'm wondering it I'm dreaming or lucid out of my body . I blow on him and he dissolves . Then I thought to myself this is so interesting I'll wake up and tell John while I'm still lucid.  And that is what I did.

What was so different and interesting about this lucid dream was my awareness of John's physical  presence next to me while simultaneously being conscious of dreaming.

It is amazing to me that such levels of consciousness are possible and accessible . Much  thanks is due  to all the great teachers and explorers who share their discoveries and  methods.

Here is an interview with  Robert Waggoner about his book

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