Thursday, 21 November 2013

Back to Doneraile Park

                 Here is my brother Donal who is home on a short
                    visit from the Fiji Islands where  he lives.

         He had never been to Doneraile Park

             So I suggested a trip there today

             On this cold sunny day

              Blue skies and autumn colours delighted us

                As we crossed bridges

           And admired the views

       While catching up, his life is so different to mine .
       Donal has lived in Fiji foe the past 25 years teaching
       in a seminary and working in parishes.
       I suppose we are both teachers but apart from that we
       couldn't be more different . Donal always knew he belonged
       in the church , knew he wanted to be a priest since he was 4
       or 5 years old . His is a natural faith and belief .  I questioned
       everything, at times I tried my best to believe, to fit in with  my
       family .  It never worked, growing up my mother did her best
       convert me , I often wondered what was wrong with me, often
       almost believed that the ' devil ' had got to me as she implied.
       But I could never believe that there was only one path to 'God'.
       I have always had  a sense that all paths lead home. Some paths
       may be longer and others more direct but we are all heading in
       the same direction. We are all searching for the 'truth ' of our
       existence. We are all aspects of divine light working to unblock
       the aspects of our human nature which hide our light.

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