Tuesday, 26 November 2013

  There is something magical about dusk , about the play of light
   that adds mystery and wonder.
  There are magical possibilities as night settles in.
  Just as winter has it's own particular appeal so does the  night,
  that special time for withdrawing from the   external world and turning
  inward whether it is to rest in fireside repose or in night dreams
  it is a special time of renewal.
  I am all the more conscious of this special time since developing my
  interest in OBE's and Lucid Dreaming.
  In fact OBE's  and Lucid Dreams very closely related they could be
  considered to be just like first cousins or so it seems to me.
  Now that I have read OBE descriptions one or two of my  lucid
  dreams seem so similar that it is difficult to be sure which category they
  fall into.  Inducing lucid dreams seem more accessible. I have more      
 experience of them and for this reason working to have more lucid
 dreams seems like the best way  forward  in the hopes of more full OBE's.
 Both OBE's and Lucid Dreams seem to compliment the  new levels of
 awareness that are happening all  over our planet.
 I wonder if I would ever have awakened to these phenomenon without
 T'ai Chi , Open focus and  Reconnection.
 It seems clear to me now that there was a progression happening in
 my level of awareness.
 That each practice is significant in developing some aspect of me
 that was dormant. I think we are so very lucky to be alive in this time
 of awakening.
 A time when secret teachings are available to anyone who wants
  to develop.
 We all have our own particular blocks and areas where our
  light is obscured .
 With the help of teachings and teachers we can all become
 more and more clear and bright .
 We can all have access to our own particular ' Einstein' who
 can help us to unravel our own ' flowchart' and come to fulfilment
of our true potential in this lifetime.

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