Tuesday, 12 November 2013

First steps in the world of OBE's

As I have said already I'm new to the world of OBE.

Why would anybody even want to devote time and energy to have this experience ?

I mean some people seem to have the experience ' naturally ' it just seems to happen to them.

We can speculate many reasons for this occurrence, from luck to merit , however this is still speculation and there is no way to validate our speculations.

However if it is possible to experience an OBE for ourselves we can Know.

This has always been my bottom line.

 Let me have the experience.

 I am willing to work at anything if I can learn and experience first hand. Who wants to just read someone else's story. We all deserve to live our life to the full and experience all that interests us in this lifetime.

Once I read that it was possible to train our 'energy' in order to facilitate an OBE I began working to do just that.  And it happened . It took me some months and my first few OBE's are tentative like the one I described in my post last Friday , First reflections since Portugal.

Here is my other  OBE experience as I wrote it in my journal.

Sept 28 2013

This morning 5 am I went to the loo and let Googles ( our Cat ) out .

Looked at the most beautiful sky  , small crescent moon peeping through the clouds, and one bright star vibrating to the left. The sky was enchanting and I stood for some time in awe and thanked God for my life and thought I'm from out there.I'm connected to those stars. I want to return and meet my other travellers.
Came back to bed and did energy work on and off for at least an hour. Then focused on the target of my home town .

Coming and going from hypnagogic state to sleep.

V strong vibrations and and loud strange sound passed out through my left ear .Felt my energosoma 9 energy body )  being 'pulled or lifted 'up from my physical body.
 EXCITEMENT  Couldn't see and didn't want to open my eyes in case that would pull me back into my body .
Felt myself rising up an amazing feeling like nothing I have ever experienced before . Then the excitement got too much and I was pulled back into my body.

Euphoric for the whole weekend had very high energy

This experience has convinced me that it is possible to leave our physical body and experience other aspects of this life. It does take work, effort and intention, not to mention some help from sources unknown.  However I believe that if I can do it anybody can . It is encouraging to know that those of us who had no spontaneous OBE or knowledge of it can work to have one.

One of my students who has taken to this work told me she too has had some success and this is very encouraging.

We are now in an age of information and connection. And I believe it is an age of internal communication  an age when we can explore our inner depths in great ways hitherto available only to a few enlightened masters.

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