Saturday, 23 November 2013

" If this  ( a scientific finding ) contradicts some aspect of Buddhist doctrine as contained in scriptures, we have no other choice but to accept that the teaching is in need of interpretation. Thus, we cannot accept it literally simply  because it was taught by the Buddha, we have to examine whether it is contradicted by reason or not. If it does not stand up to reason we cannot accept it literally. We have to analyse such teachings to discover the intention and reason behind them and regard them as subject to interpretation. Therefore, in Buddhism great emphasis is laid on the importance of investigation. "
                               The Dalai Lama XIV

 I'm not a Buddhist, however this approach to dogma and to life in general really appeals to me.
 It is so different to the traditional upbringing I received, where questioning was shunned and considered to be a form of rebellion.
 We were expected to believe because our parents and teachers said it was so.
 I could never buy that approach, my only 'faith ' has been and still is the faith in asking questions and seeking answers through personal experience.
I can still remember my first T'ai Chi class when Peter O Donoghue separated his hands as in diagonal flying and said " Feel the Energy ".
 I had no idea what he was talking about then, had no idea of what Chi or Energy meant not to mind feeling it.
 But he didn't expect me to take it on faith, he explained how to practise in order to ' tune in  ' to it's presence.
 It took me a long time to become conscious of  it's presence but I eventually my question " What is Chi, does it really exist ? " was answered experientially.
We are intelligent thinking and feeling beings, I believe we are born to question , to find answers that expand our understanding and widen our experience.
 To me ' God  ' experiences  ' God  ' through us . This is a mysterious expanding universe which reveals itself through our questioning.
The better and more profound the question, the more interesting and enlightening is the answer that we find.

So let's keep asking questions , let's keep seeking for new and better answers, let's take nothing for granted. Let's experience for ourselves.

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