Friday, 22 November 2013

First Frost

                      The sun hasn't broken through

                On this first winters morning

           The fields are white

             And the trees are ghostlike

               It begins to brighten as we head towards the wood

               More colours emerge moment by moment

               We linger among these trees

                        Nourished by views and ambient energy


                       In this sacred little wood

                              That never fails to inspire

                    And recharge my energy

                So I can head home renewed

                Curious about the day ahead.

Some people say that a camera removes you from the immediate experience, from being fully present.
However I have found that my camera draws me into my surroundings. It is like a companion who says , "Look  up  , look left ,  see that light beam hanging there. " My camera is a deer friend that awakens my senses to the landscape and the beauty all around.

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