Monday, 18 November 2013

Helpful Questions

I bumped into a friend the other day who asked " What are you working on these days Ann ? "
It was really interesting to be asked that as I got to watch what  ' Ann ' said.  And I got to reflect on my 'Ann's ' answer too. I'm using the third party as sometimes an answer comes and you know it is true and correct but you don't know where it came from !

Anyway we spoke for a while about T'ai Chi , Reconnection and then i mentioned my  work with the International Academy of Consciousness. That is when he asked the most interesting question . He said " What is the point of getting out of your body , isn't the whole point of T'ai Chi etc to become more present here and now ? Isn't getting out of your body a form of escape ?

Then I heard myself explain that in order to leave the body lucidly one has to be very lucid throughout  the day. The energy exercises we learnt  to practise actually enhance one's lucidity and this means one is more present all day.

Also I found that the people who pracise this work seem to be some of the most ' present ' people I have met . There is a strong sense of the importance of this life, that each minute of each day is significant.

Sometimes questions like those help clarify to ourselves just what and why we spend the time working hard on our practice and inspire renewed effort.

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