Friday, 29 November 2013

Lying in bed this morning I remembered Ray from yesterday's video and thought of him saying ,  " I feel so glad to open my eves in the morning , to have another day in this world " And I too felt that gladness to be alive, to have another day to explore. I made a promise to myself that today I would relax and allow.
So I'm relaxing into this blog post allowing the words to just write themselves and allowing my heart to connect out to anyone who might read these words , wishing you too a relaxed , interesting day of fun and wonder.

Now I reminded about tomorrows Workshop in Blackrock. So excited about it as I have some 'new' ideas to investigate.
 New ways to explore our energy awareness that I can't wait to share .
 I surprise myself with this enthusiasm and wonder in finding new insights.
 It confirms my belief that when we ask 'something ' out there hears and answers.

Here is the link to the Google map for the hall which is on Convent Avenue for anyone who haven't been to the Blackrock Centre before.
Convent Avenue 

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