Friday, 8 November 2013

First reflections since Portugal

    On the  Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon

It's the longest bridge in Europe ( Tony driving )

           Leaving the city behind as we head to central Portugal
                     and the IAC Campus

    Fleeting views of distant castles as we speed along
             ( talked too long over breakfast )

            We worked all day and just got to see the sunset


And more distant castles as we left the Campus that evening

The first day's work done we all   ( 46 ) of us departed to our hotel in Estremos to eat, sleep and prepare for the work ahead. this work is deep and very subtle elusive when i try to talk about it . Trying to talk about it reminds me of John Kells describing some of his experiences as being like  ' whisps ' that as soon as one grasps or tries to grasp them they are gone.

Or maybe I just being reticent because some of the experiences were very solid and real.
Like the one this morning when I felt my energy body separate from my physical body , it began at my feet and separated right up to my solar plexus . I stayed calm  and  tried to 'will ' a full separation but didn't manage to do that.
When it began I had become conscious at the end of a dream and knew I was between states so i thought I'll try ans start the dream again and maybe have a lucid dream. However I couldn't  'make '  the dream happen. then I realised that I was in a hypnagogic state and there were intra cranial noises passing through my head  ( it felt like they were buzzing out my ears.  I watched all this reminding myself not to get too excited.

Then my lower body began to separate and as I said earlier it stopped at my solar plexus.
Still I'm happy with yet more confirmation that we do have an energy body and we can learn to experience it's presence.

I feel the work at the weekend has helped me and I'm looking forward to the fruits of this work.

Ps .
When I was in Dublin on Wednesday morning I decided that instead of dashing home I would take a trip into the city and visit the Royal Irish Academy . My daughter Jo had been telling me about it.

  Here is a piece from  Joanna Kidney's Dig , undig, redig  in the Atrium

There was also some great work by Tony O Malley.

Any I'm digressing again.

 Leaving there I wandered down Kildare St passing Dail Eireann and spotted a poster outside The National Library for a W B Yeats exhibition.  In I went , what an inspired thought .

It is a wonderful exhibition and I discovered that  Maud Gonne MacBride Yeat's muse had had Out of Body experiences . What an interesting coincidence and also an encouragement,  a feeling of being in good company on this adventure.

So much more to write but Su is begging me to take her off walking . . . . . . . .

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