Friday, 13 March 2015

Stuff Worth Remembering

                                        You are ALIVE

                        You have amazing senses thac can smell

                                            You Can Taste

    You Can Feel

And one of the most amazing things about you is just like me you can think and imagine. 
Thanks to our amazing brain we have the power to imagine so even if we cant get to the lavender fields of Provence we have the power to travel there in our imagination . 
How amazing is that.
If we are having a 'bad' day we can shift that feeling through our imagination. 
We can take a mini trip to somewhere amazing maybe back to a day we really enjoyed , a day when we were in the 'flow' when everything just worked out perfectly. Just by activating that memory and feeling the feeling of things working out helps us to shift our mood and realise that there is really no such thing as a 'bad' day. It just all depends on here we choose to put our attention .
We always have the choice .
Now I think that that is something worth Remembering. 


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