Saturday, 28 March 2015

More About Growing Your Energy

Sondra Barrett

Letting Go is one amazing way to grow ENERGY, each time we Let Go we relax and all the cells of our bodies relax.
 I was thrilled to come across an interview with Sondra Barrett this week. She is a research scientist who has studied cancerous cells how the grow, why they grow abnormally and through her research she came to recognise the importance of Letting Go on a cellular level.
 Now that got me excited ! 
I love when I come across more scientific evidence that confirms my experience. 
Cells LOVE and respond to the relaxation that happens when they are given the conditions that allow them to' Let Go ' .
 Each time we decide to open up and relax we are letting go and isn't it good to know that all our cells feel that, from our hair follicles to the cells growing in our toe nails. 
 To me is a very good reason to Let Go. It makes sense too that if every cell of our body benefits our ENERGY is just bound to GROW.
 Happy cells working better will produce lots more energy than sluggish cells that are tense and fearful. 
For more about Sondra's research and insights you can listen to her interview with Tammy Simon of Sounds True     Your Cells Are Listening 

And a beautiful slide show introduction Visual Introduction Cells and Molecules

Finally I couldn't resist sharing this fabulous short 'movie of how a cell works I know it is a lot of science but it is just great to see our cells from the 'inside', so I am indulging my desire to make more people passionate about our amazing bodies and how to help them to thrive.

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