Saturday, 7 March 2015

Finding Solutions

                                                  Pupa developing into a Butterfly

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."-Albert Einstein

And I would add not at the same level of emotion. solutions are always at a higher level to the problem. 

In order to become a butterfly the caterpillar must be broken down completely, then there is a period of quiet secluded work until the butterfly has fully developed inside the cocoon and is ready to take off into a completely new life. 

When we find ourselves with a problem this is the time to  remind ourselves to withdraw our attention from the outer world, to become still inside ourselves , to acknowledge our confusion and Let Go of trying to Figure Anything Out.

 We need to STOP AND REST when we have rested begin to Imagine How We Would FEEL If We Had A Solution. 

We need to  Feel the EASE in our body that a Solution would bring , feel the HAPPINESS all the cells of our body would experience and really feel those sensations right now. 

Acknowledge right now that the Solution exists and that by feeling these warm happy emotions we are Resonating with higher level where the Solution awaits. 

Then we just go about our day noticing all the aspects of our life that are working beautifully and relishing those aspects. Finding joy in every way possible and resonating with our higher consciousness. Sending LOVE to ourselves and everyone and every thing we encounter through out our day, knowing that as we Resonate with Love,  Love will direct us to Solutions even  beyond our Imagination.






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