Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Simple Ways To 'Grow' Your Energy

Express Love.

Look at the device you are reading on and say " I LOVE YOU " to that device.
Feel the love as best you can, feel your heart fill wilt LOVE for all the information this device has brought to you.

Next look around the room where you are sitting and one by one say " I LOVE YOU " to all the objects in your space.

As I look around my room I see many books that have enhanced my journey and I say " I LOVE YOU " to those books and that reminds me of the authors who lovingly wrote those books so I say " I LOVE YOU " to them and to all the people along the books journey to me.

If you are joining with me in this exercise you will notice an energy shift, you will be feeling brighter and more enthusiastic.

Now here is a true " I LOVE YOU " story.

A few yeas ago John ( my husband ) was very upset that our lawn mower was not starting for him. It was already about 25 years old  at that time. He had taken it to be repaired and was told that really it was really only fit to be dumped. John had a big attachment to the machine as it held many happy memories for him. However every time it failed to stare he would 'givr out ' to the machine and tell it how useless it was. He would often come and complain to me about the machine.
Then one day when I was tired of listening to his complaints I suggested that he begin to send love to his machine, to say " I LOVE YOU " to it and remember all the great work it had done for him.
So john began to do that as the only alternative was to dump it and he wasn't quite ready to give up on his machine.
Shortly after he began sending LOVE to the machine he heard of someone who repaired old machines ( coincidence ! ) and he took the it to be repaired. This man saw great value in the lawn mower spoke of what a great lawn mower this variety was and generally confirmed John in his desire to keep the machine.
That happened about 5 years ago and the machine is now working better than ever. Only last weekend John came in having cut the lawn to let me know " She started on the first pull.  ' and that was after the whole winter idle. 
John told me that he makes sure to tell the machine how much he loves her and thanks her for cutting the lawn and for startingpromptly. He cleans her lovingly each time she is used and even  'speaks  warmly ' to her every time he sees her in the garden shed especially during the winter when she is not working.
Everything has it's own level of  consciousness and 'feels' our attention. Everything is interconnected in the web of life's energy.
The more positive LOVING ENERGY we express the more LOVING ENERGY we will generate for ourselves and our universe.

More ways to ' GROW ' ENERGY soon, LOVE Ann

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