Sunday, 15 March 2015

Love Is The Answer And A Universal Balm

Lately I have been reminding myself ( and anyone who will listen to me ) to love everything.
Send love to the pain in your shoulder , to the person who is anoying you, and most especially to your full self.
Love heals all wounds, I have found this to be true in my life and from the feedback I'm  getting from others it seems to be universally true.

This sending love to ourselves and everything else is the highest work we can do and it takes energy.
The only time it doesn't work is when we forget to do it.

We are mostly thought to motivate ourselves with fear.  Our socities try unsuccessfully to reform ofenders through punishment and fear.

Is this working has this ever worked ?

I can see no evidence of the benefit of instilling fear in anyone at any time.

However whenever I give love to myself or to anyone or anything elseI reap immediate benefits.

I feel better instantly.

 Try it for yourself right now , jusc close your eyes for a moment and dwell in LOVE , it can be LOVE of anything from your neighbours cat to your long deceased uncle or yourself . It makes no difference what the object of your love is, experiment with this and proove it for yourself , whatever you choose to LOVE will increase your LOVE and your wellbeing.

     Listen and believe Julie when she sings you are impossibly beautiful .

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