Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Cangratulate Youeself

It is really important ( in my opinion ) to become conscious in this lifetime.What a privileged it is to be born in a time when so much 'hidden' knowledge is now readily available to anyone who wants to develop their consciousness.
I am congratulating myself for being so lucky to be alive right now and you should too.
We have so many opportunities open to us. Teachers are sharing methods for awakening and so many people are working on higher levels of thought and consciousness that it is easy to find like minded people.
Think how amazingly lucky we are to have all this available to us.
Sit back for a minute and reflect on how fabulous it is that we can connect through this medium.
We are obviously connected because otherwise you wouldn't have opened my page. So I feel very lucky that you have chosen to read this, I also feel very glad to connect with you because you too are working on your consciousness. You and I are on the fascinating road of self discovery. We have come to realise that this life time is a gift a prise if you will and we are about to make the best use of it.
Each time we choose to look deeper into our nature, each time we stop to really feel into this moment, each time we open to our heart and really listen to it's guidance we are enriching our own life and because everything in this universe is interconnected we are simultaneously enriching our universe.
So Congratulate yourself, bask for a moment in your wonderful nature soak up how amazing and wonderful you are, let that feeling spread all through out your body and Know that in that basking you are nourishing those emotions for our whole universe.

Now isn't that worth Celebrating .

 With my deepest Love , Ann

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Angela Jordan said...

That eis beautiful, Ann