Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Resonating With Your Higher Self

Resonance " the response of a body to vibrations of it's own natural frequency".
Ever since I came across the phenomenon of resonance it has intrigued and inspired me.
There are many books written an all sorts of resonance but here I am only looking at how we can use resonance to 'enlighten ' ourselves. To solve our problems and generally have the life we truly deserve.
When vibrations are in harmony or resonating together they begin to amplify.
We can use this knowledge to help ourselves to 'amplify ' our vibrations.
The cells of our  bodies vibrate in response to the thoughts and emotions we are feeling .   By learning to focus our attention and pick the thoughts and feelings we choose to experience we can directly affect the way our bodies vibrate.
 And , YES YOU can choose your thoughts and your feelings.
 If you have been reading my posts or coming along to my classes you will be well used to relaxing your mind and body or in other words choosing your feelings.
 When you choose to relax you allow your body to vibrate at a higher frequency than when you do not relax and hold on to your tension.
 How do you know that you have raised your vibration,  EASY you feel much better and this good feeling lets you know that you have raised your vibrations.
Cool Isn't It ?
Each tine  you choose to focus on higher vibrations you connect to your 'Higher Self'. You begin to resonate with that higher aspect which is more closely connected to your wisdom , your truth , your love. Being more tuned to your higher nature you naturally recognise better appropriate actions to take , You are drawn to people and places that help you. solutions begin to 'appear' all by themselves.
This is how life is meant to be, it is not meant to be an up hill struggle , it is meant to be a down hill flow.
So begin to tune in to your thoughts and feelings. Choose ones that awaken positive vibrations and watch as your life becomes more harmonious ,your body feels great and your life becomes more and more FUN.
If you want to PRACTICE this ART of learning to LET GO of your limiting beliefs and Tune in to your Positive Emotions join us at the next Workshop which is happening on Saturday 21th of March in Blackrock Community Centre Cork. You can email me at for more details or to reserve a place.

 We will have a fabulous day connecting with higher and higher aspects of ourselves and leave the wotkshop inspired and energised to live our best life.

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