Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Love Honour And Respect Your Energy

Energy is power to grow and evolve, this is a very precious resource, in my opinion it is our greatest wealth.
When we die we cannot take anything physical with us from our time here all we take is our experience, the wisdom we have gained, this wisdom comes from the good use of our energy.

We all know how to guard and grow our energy, our physical body gives us really good feedback.

When we feel good and become enthusiastic and energised by the people around,. we are enhancing our energy.When we come home drained and exhausted after an evening or an hour with someone we are getting information, our exhaustion is letting us know that we are out of balance.

 If we want to stay in balance and grow stronger we need to pay attention to this feedback and arrange our lives to spend more of our time in company that inspires and energises us.

The books and articles we read the programmes and movies we choose to watch are all very important company. If we choose to watch or read about the lower aspects of life, the lives of criminals and people who abuse and degrade others we are choosing to spend time in their company and we begin to resonate consciously or unconsciously with that lower energy and if we pay attention will  notice how  this affects our  energy negatively.

We all have very important choices to make moment to moment each day choosing, good nourishing 'company' will pay enormous energy dividends which will allow us to grow stronger and stronger and liberate us from mood swings and leave us energised and full of enthusiasm for life.

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