Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Some ways Setting Goals Can Help Us,

When I began studying Lester's method goal setting made no sense to me. At that time I had become 'spiritual' and considered the 'world ' to be a distraction. I thought that I should set aside all 'worldly ' interests and devote myself completely ( or as much as possible) to my spiritual practices.
However the world wouldn't go away, I had bills to pay, and relationships that rattled me and even though my life was much smoother and more productive than it had been I felt there must be more.
As I began (reluctantly) to set conscious goals and release on them I began to understand why Lester encourages us to use them.
Here is how it works.
 Say you set a goal  " I allow myself to have an abundant income. "
You write this goal at the top of a sheet of paper and read it aloud to yourself  paying attention to the thoughts and feelings that arise as you hear yourself reading the goal. If you pay attention you will hear your resistant thoughts like " I don't deserve an abundant income , I not good enough, I don't know enough ." etc.
As soon as you 'hear ' the first resistant thought stop and ask yourself if this thought ( or feeling ) is coming from wanting control , wanting approval , wanting safety, or wanting separation or  oneness . Release whatever want feels most relevant and repeat with the next thought or feeling.
It is also a good idea to do advantages and disadvantages and likes and dislikes  to  achieving your goal.
Again you do one thought or feeling at a time .

For example  " I allow myself to have an abundant income. "

        Advantages                                                     Disadvantages     
   Write one advantage here                               Write one disadvantage here
 and release on it                                                   and release on it
When  you can think of no more advantages or disadvantages  repeat the process as likes and dislikes and release on them too.
When I began doing this I couldn't see any point or even imagine that I could have disadvantages to achieving goals that I believed I wanted to achieve. Doing advantages and disadvantages and likes and dislikes was a revelation to me as doing the process brought up lots of subconscious thoughts that were blocking me. I never would have imagined that they were in my subconscious mind without asking myself questions like "What disadvantage would it be to me to achieve this goal. " Some of my hidden 'disadvantages' surprised and even shocked  me at times but at least as soon as I recognised them I could let them go.
Lester says if you have not achieved your goal there is some hidden 'disadvantage' in having it and as soon as you find it and release it you will achieve the goal.
If you are working on releasing some problem and you still have the problem then there is some 'hidden ' advantage to still having that problem. As soon as you recognise the advantage you can release on it or hold on to your problem.
I found this hidden advantages and hidden disadvantages a revelation it made perfect sense to me and has been a huge help in understanding how and why I 'resist ' achieving goals.
For a full understanding of the process you really need to invest in the Release Technique books and CD 's by Larry Crane or The Sedona Method books and Cd's by Hale Dwoskin. I  have used both and find their contrasting styles great. They approach the same material in different ways and I find  that stimulating and also helpful as hearing the information from different angles provokes me to think in different ways.
I hope this is of help to you and that it inspires you to set some goals and in doing so that you too will come to know yourself in ways you had not imagined were possible.
You may come to realise (like me) that setting goals and releasing on them is a great form of enquiry.

We will investigate the goal setting process at the next releasing workshop. I'm getting great feedback from the last workshop . Releasing is such a fabulous tool, a great way to stay open to life's possibilities while letting go of our conscious blocks and unearthing our unconscious blocks so we can let them go too.

With Love and Gratitude to Lester and all his Teachers, Ann

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