Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Feelings and Why It Is Important To Release Them

                                             Lester Levenson          

More and more I am coming to understand and appreciate the simplicity and depth of Lester Levenson's teaching.
Lester taught that feelings only lie they tell us that holding on to them will give us what we can only get by letting them go.
Let me give an example, we hold on to feelings of hurt , disappointment  maybe even revenge, thinking that these feelings will protect us in the future when they only keep us stuck in the past.
 When we hold on to those feelings and  replay the situations in our minds we relive those experiences. Our bodies and minds think feel and respond as if  those experiences are actually happening again so we actually inflict the same hurts to ourselves over and over. How crazy is that.  The person or event that upset us may be in our past but if we don't learn to let go we live as if it is still happening and experience many physical and emotional  symptoms such as pain anxiety, depression etc.
So why not learn to Let Go and become free.

Try it yourself  here Release technique with Ken

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