Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Being Right Or Believing We Are Right

                         Ruth and  Suzie  love made visible

Believing we are ' Right ' is often a big block in life.  We can all think of situations where we dug our heels in and fought an argument and stuck to our version of the 'truth ' long after we had realised we were wrong.  Pride often holds us stuck in wanting to be right, it can prevent us from yielding and admitting the other person's point of view.
When we can learn to let go on the need to be Right, the need to know the answers life opens to us.
We have shifted our perspective and allowed in an intelligence, a knowing that is much bigger than our minds can comprehend. We have let go of our pride and in doing so we have moved up to courageousness where so much more is possible.
Miracles and insights happen here in the 'don't know ' mind.  Conflicts can find resolution, hurts can be healed, and love can find a home in which to dwell.

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