Thursday, 3 April 2014

More About Lester and Freedom

As Lester explored his beliefs and released them his life improved.
 His health improved he became happier lighter and eventually completely free.
What he discovered was that subconscious programmes had been running his life, as he be conscious of these programmes ( limiting beliefs ) and released them his life turned around.
Lester shared his discoveries so we too can become conscious of our previously unconscious limiting beliefs and release them so we too can free ourselves in this lifetime.
Lester realised that we have attachments and aversions to everything in our lives, we need to let go of our attachments and aversions in order to be free.
We can use his method to become conscious of our attachments and aversions and then release them.
He found that our feelings come primarily  from  underlying wants, wanting approval (Love), wanting control,  and wanting safety.  There is nothing wrong with feeling love it is the lacking feeling that holds us back.
Feeling in control is good, as is feeling safe, its when we are out of control that we are being run by our subconscious beliefs (or habits). These 'habits' can keep us responding in ways we later regret.  Do you remember times you said to yourself , " I don't know what came over me ? " Those were  times that you actually recognised that some unconscious programme was operating. However most of us operate on an unconscious level almost all day long, this is where the method helps. In using Lester's method we can make these unconscious programmes conscious and release ourselves from  them.
  The Release Technique and The Sedona Method and and are both versions of Lester's work.
I have studied both versions and find that they compliment each other and give slightly different approaches to this work. This is interesting as we get to investigate our issues from different perspectives.

I will be exploring Lester's ideas and work again on Friday April 25'th. It will be an evening session from 6 to 10.  It will be held in Blackrock Community Centre.
In this session I will review the work we did at the last workshop and go deeper into how the method works and how we apply it in our lives.
We will share our insights and gains from applying Lester's ideas in our lives.
More details on this event as it gets closer to the 25'th.

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