Sunday, 27 April 2014

Resonance Or Being In Tune

I love the concept of resonance  (the response of a body to vibrations of its own natural frequency clock here for examples and  good explanation resonance ).
What I love about this concept is that it helps me understand how certain aspects of life work and allows me to use the principle of resonance to enhance my skills and endeavours.
When we tune into a teacher and really connect with their ideas and apply them we begin ( in my opinion ) to resonate with them and their teaching. If we practise, over time we resonate more and more with the work until eventually we embody the work ourselves and have shifted from our original state of 'being ' to a new state.
Knowing this is very useful if we wish to grow or change, first we must recognise where we are resonating right now and also we must have an intention or desire to change . Then we also need a 'ideal ' to work toward. maybe someone embodies certain characteristics we admire and aspire to. If we have such a role model we can work to resonate with their vibrations.
This is a form of discipleship. Many religious people have used this method of modelling their lives on saints in order to grow spiritually. But you can use this model to grow in any area of your life . Pick someone who inspires you and begin to resonate with them by learning with or from them and you will be using resonance in order to grow. You don't need to focus entirely on one person you can pick a few or many people who have the characteristics that inspire you. Read their lives, read their work, recognise that they are human just like you and me . They were once starting their journey of growth.  They probably followed someone who inspired them , they too found inspiration through resonating with their heroes. It is good to know that all we need is our dream and some inspiring role models and anything is possible.

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