Thursday, 17 April 2014

Attachments and Aversions

According to Lester we have attachment and aversions to everything in our lives and they block our clear knowing and our freedom. They blur our vision and keep us stuck. I also resisted this idea on first hearing. "I love my life and couldn't see how I had aversions to living, aversions to having a body, aversions to being happy etc. This is where the exercises ( enquiry) helps.

I remember doing an attachment aversion exercise to my body and it was areal eye opener. I had never considered my body in that way before.
Here are some examples of what I found as I worked the exercise.

What do I like about having a body.              What do I dislike about having a body

Being able to feel sensations.   Release                       Feeling tired , cold etc Release

( We release by letting go of the under lying want ,you may need to watch the movie  Letting Go to know how to do that).

Can you see already feeling has a positive and negative side to it. Genius ! As soon as I saw that I knew what Lester meant about attachments and aversions. When doing the exercise we release on each attachment and aversion so we can become free from them and just be.
I love this form of enquiry as I can do one in a few minutes and each one I do leaves me a little lighter and freer.

Have a go yourself I bet you will be amazed at what your subconscious will reveal to you.

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