Thursday, 1 August 2013

Rainy Day T'ai Chi


             Yesterday was one of those ' soft ' wet Irish days.

              Everything seemed  a little fuzzy in the mist. I  fnnd

              days like that to be quite magical , the air is soft and full

              of scents ,the colours are muted and easy on the eye.

             These are perfect days for T'ai Chi especially if you can

                     practice outside and  in some shelter. 

       We practiced under the bandstand by the river surrounded

                          by lush vegetation and bird song.

        A soft evening of practice , I awoke this morning full of 

          inspiration, and insight. My mind full of ideas on a new variation

          for my cross - energy partnerwork  can't wait for tonight's class

          to try it out. Will share how it  works soon.

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