Saturday, 3 August 2013

Energy partner work to develop listening and awareness skills

This was the first warm up exercise I adapted to enhance energy awareness. This exercise also develops the ability to tune into and listen ' energetically ' to one's partner.  In this exercise the players move closer together  ( when they are both in the front foot ) and further apart when in the back foot.

In this single hand version of the first  exercise,  it is easy to get the sense of pulling or stretching  the energy as we move apart and of compressing the energy as we move closer together.

Here is the new variation  single hand version , I love the continuous flow of energy here and when watching the single hand version one can see that we are describing an 8 as we move back and forth while  ' listening' to the  energy between us.

In the two handed version one can see the 8's between both sets of hands once they have been found in the one handed version. I particularly like the continuous flowing together without the ' breaking  ' of the energy connection in the first version of this exercise.

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