Monday, 26 August 2013

Figure 8's in the feet bow and arrow stance

These figure 8's are really a great groundwork for t'ai chi postures and movement. Thew develop awareness in the body , they help in teaching the body to keep the knees over the weighted foot.
 Keeping the knee directly over the weighted foot is a really important factor in  preventing injury and the pushing out of the knees also helps to open the hip joints and thus develop flexibility.

 Much and all as I love holidays and exploring new places , it is great to be back to my work. John is back to school tomorrow and it feels like a new year beginning.  Ever since I was a  schoolteacher September always felt like a new beginning , now with the school term starting it feels that way again. Lots of possibilities, new classes beginning , new clients for Reconnection and so much more to learn and experience.

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