Friday, 2 August 2013

New variation on cross energy warm up

Here is the original warm up that I have been investigating.

 As soon as I added the stepping to the variation  seen here below with Hsiao Hwa , I felt there was more to do. I love the feel of this variation but was not quite happy about the way our energy  '  bounces ' back where we meet. This is very good and interesting as it highlights the presence of the energy and facilitates beginners ability to connect to and feel this very subtle energy , however I wanted a way to keep a continuous flow between us, rather than just having two  ' opposite '  energies meeting in the canter.


I couldn't wait to get to T'ai Chi last night and try out the new variation . Here it is with Joan and Steven .
So happy and excited with how well it works

In this version one person begins in the front foot and the other begins the same posture on the back foot. It is as if they are a half wave out of sync (  to use a physics analogy ). This allows the energy to flow in the same direction , continuously louping  figure 8's between the players.

Woke up this morning with more ideas on how to see the variations more clearly, so phoned Joan to ask if she could come and do some work with me . .  .  .  . All very exciting and interesting  I'll share the insights as soon as I get some more time .

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