Thursday, 29 August 2013


Our cat Googles is the best relaxation teacher I know. It is  lovely to watch her as she prepares to nap.
She stretches her whole body  , she lovingly licks  places she feels need some cleaning.   She has already chosen the most suitable spot  for this particular nap. I often wonder how she chooses her spot , sometimes   (like in this photo ) she honours me and naps on my bed. But she moves around and naps in different  rooms .
Anyway I digress from my topic.
  Relaxation this undervalued art .

  Imagine how great you would feel if you could spend all day in complete relaxation ( and I don't mean napping ).
 Imagine relaxing into each meeting and greeting.  Whenever I remember to practice this my day goes so much better. I'm more present to myself and also to those I meet. All my work is more satisfying.

If you have been with me over the last few blogs you might recognise that I'm still on my 'new year' theme of resonance.
Lets practice Relaxation today spread that vibration , through our on bodies and allow it to radiate out into our world . Let's do that mindfully and relax as we observe what ensues.

I love that You take the time to read what I'm writing , it inspires me when I see hits on my map, it confirms that people are resonating with my experience. It feels connected and wonderful to have  ' cyber friends' who are sharing this life with me and it makes me eternally grateful to Google for the space.

I know I have digressed again but relaxation will lead to many digressions  and I can't wait to see where it leads me.

Hoping You have a fabulous day today.

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