Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Off to Galway

     We are heading west tomorrow off to Galway.
     What a year it has been since my visits to Galway where I had
      my Reconnection with Elsa. Such an interesting time it has been
      I can't wait to  see her tomorrow and share some of the interesting
     Reconnection  experiences I have had since we last met .
     I'm availing of  the opportunity  to have a session with Elsa and  really
      looking forward  .  .  .  .      .

     Then in the evening we will drive on to Ballyvaughan Harbour
      in the northwest corner of The Burren.

     My mind is racing ahead imagining a million possibilities, don't know
     how I'll sleep, it's already 1.18 am  so I guess I'd better try.
     Looking forward to sharing the adventure here.


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