Friday, 9 August 2013

New cross energy variation with a step

It is really interesting to notice the change in the feeling when we practice this exercise as shown above.
There is a much stronger sense of connection between us when we practice this version, and it is really interesting to do both styles one after the other to become even more conscious of the contrasting sensations.

This is the original version with a step.

Here in the original version without the step it is easier to see the energies  ' meeting '   . " This version feels like  pushing magnets of similar poles together" , said Steven last night and that's exactly what it feels like to me too.

When we practice these variations we become more familiar with subtle changes in energy,  and because the exercises are repetitive and  fairly simple it gives one the opportunity to relax into the energy feeling and build up experience in listening to energy .   Working with different partners is also a great way to gain experience and understanding of different energy,  as we all have a unique energy field similar to the way we all have individual finger prints.

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