Sunday, 4 August 2013

Working with your energy body

As  soon as you can feel your energy you are no longer a believer now you Know that  you are more than your physical body.
This is an amazing realisation and once consciously recognised has the potential to completely transform your life.
Now you Know for certain that there is much more to this world than meets or is observed through the eyes and ordinary senses.

Now you have awakened  to a new level of perception. This is sometimes refereed  to as a sixth sense or psychic awareness, but the name is  not important what is important is that you can feel it and can begin your journey into the world of energy.

You are now opening to vast realms of information and knowledge which were hidden from you because you didn't or couldn't even imagine their existence.
From now on you can work with your energy body and make your own discoveries , you can become a 2013 Columbus only now your journeys are mostly into the inner realms.

Sleep is no longer lost time but rather a time when  your dreams can teach and reveal wonders.  The time  at your disposal for learning and growth has just expanded hugely and this life's possibilities are limitless.

 Since becoming  ' Reconnected  '  last year, so much has changed in my experience of this life.
  My knowledge  and understanding of energy and our connection to it and it's influence and potential in our external and internal lives has led me to adventures I never would have dreamt of a year ago.

So I share these exercises in the hope that you too will spend time and develop your truly amazing potential.

I believe that we are all beings of light here in this life  to ' remember ' who we really are , this 'remembering ' is part of our evolution and each step we take is a step for our universe.

Each time we wake up a little more the whole universe wakes up with us.

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