Thursday, 15 August 2013

Figure 8 exercise in the feet

This is the first figure 8 exercise focusing  attention primarily on and in the feet.
It is the most basic and yet still the most important one for developing awareness in the feet .
This awareness can then spread up from the feet to awaken the whole lower body.
In the beginning it is best to focus mostly on the feeling in one's feet ,
 and develop a good sense of moving around the outside edge of the
 weighted  foot,  feeling all the way from the heal around to the big toe of that foot .
 Really bring your mind down into your feet and get to know how they feel
as you make these 8's shifting your weight from the heal to toe.
This is the beginning of a magical journey with 8's that will move in and
 around your body as you practice, healing your body and mind in ways
 that are mysterious and wonderful.
This mysterious healing is what engages and fascinates me.
  Healing wounds and opening my body and mind to expand
in order  to live and love more fully.

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