Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Farewell to Garnish

Across the lawn 

                                   Past amazing tree ferns

                                 Over the stepping stones  

                                            By exotic shrubs

                                          Up endless steps



                                           Through a curious entrance


                               To look out from the Martello Tower


                                A last visit to the fragrant garden


               A dahlia in memory of my mother who loved them so much


                                 Back on the ferry waving goodbye to the seals


                                    Enjoying the boat journey


                            Savouring the last views


              A Big Thanks to the Blue Pool Ferry men for a wonderful trip.

Ps nearly forgot the Grecian Temple

Garnish Island

The island of Ilnacullin  ( Garnish ) extends to 15 hectares and is renowned for its gardens which flourish in the mild humid micro-climate of Glengarriff harbour assisted by a mainly pine shelter belt. Structures include a clock tower, Grecian Temple, Martello Tower, and an Italian Temple. Although noted for the "Italian" gardens, there is a strong Japanese influence running throughout the design. This is particularly evident at the Grecian Temple

Grecian Temple

 which frames the Sugarloaf mountain (in the Caha Mountains)

 in a manner which is highly suggestive of Mount Fuji in Japan .

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Ray said...

Beautiful place judging by your photo's Ann. I've never been to Garnish but am familiar with the surrounding country. Autumn beckons and I think it's probably the most visually beautiful season in Ireland.