Friday, 5 July 2013

A short visit to Regent's Park

I've been coming to London for years but  surprisingly this was my first visit to Regent's Park.


My daughter Ruth always speaks of the  beautiful view from  Primrose Hill so entered the Park from there climbed the hill and was well rewarded. 

Wandering along I came to this lovely bridge by an entrance to London Zoo

And stopped to watch the swans gliding up towards me

As I walked along this wooden sculpture caught my eye

So beautiful it drew me closer

I walked all around  it

Moving on I noticed some more

and more

When I got home Google told me that they were 

 " The Hub and near the Hub Chainsaw Sculptures

The wooden sculptures are now in place, south of Monkey Gate and north of The Hub. Tom Harvey, the artist, used a chainsaw to carve the sculptures from oak sourced mainly from Richmond Park. Tom worked with a group of ten school children from St James’s and St Michael’s Primary School’s in Westminster to develop ideas for the sculptures. The children visited the proposed site and worked in The Hub to create drawings and clay models based on the theme of ‘play in nature.’ Tom then used these works to inspire his sculptural designs. Funding was provided by the national Playbuilder programme.  "

But it was just a brief visit so I left the park. 

And enjoyed more views of Regent's Canal on my way back to Kentish town

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