Friday, 12 July 2013

New Insights on Reality

I am so excited about this TED talk by VS Ramachandran I don't know where to begin .
I had read about his work on phantom limbs in  " The Brain That Changes Itself" by Norman Doidge .
Since my Reconnection last year my mind has opened to many more aspects this life and many new experiences and connections and reconnections are happening in and around me ( Elsa who reconnected me did warn of this possibility  ).

Eric Pearl says that full Reconnection is about advancing our evolution and I believe this more and more as I watch my life open in strange and  interesting ways. Synchronous happenings are becoming more and more
natural and common for me. Books that answer the questions I'm contemplating turn up . It feels as if a guiding hand is directing me in the best direction for my life's purpose.  I feel deeply that this is how our life is meant to be . We are meant to be connected to our ' Higher  ' purpose , we are meant to live a life of Meaning and Wonder.
But I digress  carried away with enthusiasm and passion at Ramashandran's Ted talk which verified insights on connectedness and sense of self and other that I have been experiencing lately.  He connects the physical and the metaphysical . The scientist in me loves his practical explanations and the mystic loves his transcendence . He expresses years of work and insights in just 7 minutes . WOW

V S Ramachandran the neurons that shaped civilization.

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