Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Back in London

I came home from London late last night.  My whole being is glowing from the wonderful weekend.

                                  The Lady's Pond  Hampstead Heath

                  The water is fab ! Come on in says Deb, so I did and had a lovely swim , sharing the pond with ducks and ducklings who take no notice of us humans is quite an amazing experience. Ducklings swim right up, looking every bit as bewildered by this world and life as puppies , kittens and babies do.

This reminds me of the main purpose of my weekend which was the course on consciousness at  the IAC . This course is all about :

   "  The study of the consciousness, with the aim of deepening our understanding of consciousness. The science of conscientiology analyzes the consciousness by examining its physical and its non-physical attributes (including energies, non-physical bodies, multiple existences (lives) and multidimensional communications and manifestations). As a logical extension of this, analyses in conscientiology typically incorporate parapsychic and paranormal capacities as instruments for conducting research.  " 

Is it any wonder that I'm not quite  ' home  ' yet.  With  such deep  searching  going on internally and externally,  it was wonderful to jump into  pond and swim allowing the cool water,  soft light, bird song and nourishing company keep me centred and at peace.

Lots more to write and share but for now I need to do  some ' homework ' .

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