Thursday, 25 July 2013

Au Revoir Hsiao Hwa

We met in Fitzgerald's Park last evening,  Hsiao  Haw's wish to see some Irish rain was fulfilled so we worked under the Bandstand's shelter. 
It was soft rain with no wind so it actually added to the atmosphere, the park was quiet and reminded Hsiao Hwa of her first T'ai Chi lessons when she was a dance student in Taiwan.
 She told us about the early morning practice in a quiet park and how much she enjoyed it and looked forward to the good breakfast with her teacher once the work was done. 
Then she remembered sessions with her recently deceased beloved  teacher Rita and we dedicated our practice to Rita's memory.

Hsiao Hwa is on her way home to the  Pyrénées as I write she is mid flight and I'm reflecting on the time we have spent  working together on John's exercises that she wanted to ' remember ' .  And also gaining our own new insights into this ancient mysterious art. 

Here working on Figure 8's with both hands doing the same 8. 

Working  the 8's here with the hands in opposition.

So much food for thought , so grateful to this practice which never fails to engage  , inspire , and challenge .

Adieu to Hsiao Hwa farewell until we meet again.

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