Saturday, 6 July 2013

Meet Henry

This is Henry ( Ruth chose his name ).  Here is our story so far. We met as I was leaving the health food shop on Tuesday.  He was sitting right in the centre of the doorway and looked right up into my eyes ( on hindsight maybe even into my soul ) . Anyway I lent down to stroke him and felt from his boneyness and smell that he was homeless.  Having stroked him I moved on and he followed me down the lane towards the Supermarket carpark where I was to meet Ruth. On the way we met a young woman who also  ' knew ' Henry. She told me how she had met him a few days earlier at a nearby cafe and had given him some chicken  " My little girl loved him and wanted to bring him home " she said .  "  And  I would have only our dog is cross and would definitely kill  him  ".  
"  I have a dog and a cat already not to mention our neighbours dog who ' visits ' regularly and chases our cat   Googles  at every opportunity .  "  I said by way of explaining why I couldn't bring him home with me.

Then Ruth arrived and began to stroke him , by this time the other woman had gone to buy some cat food for him , saying at least he will be fed today.  Ruth stayed with him while I went for the car . When I returned he was eating and purring Ruth and I looked at each other and decided to phone  John  with our story.

So here he is , and that is just the beginning.

This is Garry our neighbour's dog  ( who chases Googles at every opportunity ).
We were worried about how Henry would deal with him as he spends quite a bit of time in our garden .
We needn't have worried . When Garry ran at Henry, Henry just stood his ground and looked at Garry as if to say  " So what are you going to do ? "  Garry didn't know what to do , he tried it a few more times . Henry was non pulsed .

                              Garry stopped chasing.

                         Now he follows Henry around even grooming him !

                     And cosying up next to him.

What an interesting turn of events so much to learn from these animals , such a gift to have them in our lives.


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